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Monthly Membership | $69.00 / month

Seeking a revitalized you? Discover the ultimate wellness experience through a monthly membership with Rebounce IV Health and Wellness and get ready to embrace a healthier, energized lifestyle.​ Our monthly membership offers you exclusive benefits and savings on our wide range of IV services, ensuring you can maintain your wellness routine conveniently and affordably. Read on to discover the exciting perks and conditions that come with being a Rebounce IV Member.

IV MEmbership

15% Discount On All IV Services

As a Rebounce IV Member, you’ll enjoy a generous 15% discount on all our IV services. Whether you need hydration, vitamins, or other wellness treatments, our discounted rates ensure you receive top-quality care at an exceptional value.

Friends & Family Discount

 If any other individuals book a treatment on the same appointment as you, they can also enjoy the 15% discount. However, please note that the member must be one of the patients receiving the treatment for the discount to be applicable.

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Priority Booking

As a valued member of Rebounce IV, you’ll enjoy the exceptional benefit of priority booking, where you’ll be given priority in securing a nurse at your desired appointment time. What’s more, you’ll receive the privilege of being cared for by our highest rated nurses, ensuring you experience the utmost in personalized attention and expertise. 

Membership Conditions:

Monthly Cost and Minimum Commitment: The Rebounce IV monthly membership is priced at $69 per month, no commitment is required. Please note that the monthly membership fee is non-refundable., even if you cancel before the end of the month.

Billing and Cancellation: Members will be automatically billed for the upcoming month on the same day of each month as the original date of the purchase of the subscription. To avoid being billed for the upcoming month, cancellations must be made before the billing date for the upcoming month. No refunds will be provided for monthly membership fees once billed.

Automatic Membership Renewal: Unless cancelled, your monthly membership will be automatically renewed at the end of each 12-month period. However, if there is a change in the price or terms of the monthly membership, we will contact you via email and/or SMS to provide you with an update to the terms and conditions before they go into effect.

Partial Refunds: We do not offer partial refunds for monthly memberships cancelled mid-month. The cancellation will take effect from the next billing cycle, and the membership benefits will remain active until the end of the paid month.

Limitations: Members are limited to receiving a maximum of four (4) IV treatments per month.

Join Rebounce IV today and experience the convenience, savings, and exceptional care that our monthly membership offers. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to helping you revitalize your body and improve your overall well-being. Contact us to learn more or sign up now for our exclusive monthly membership.